by nina




Hi Baby Bears!

Thanks for visiting my page. Let me introduce myself!

I was born and raised in Rome, and from an early age cultivated a deep love for the Eternal City. So much so that at the age of 10 I had already decided I would become an archaeologist. Like Indiana Jones, only Roman, female, and a lot, lot cooler!

I went on to study and obtain a Ph.D. in Post Classical Archaeology from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” (which means “wisdom” in Italian, quite the compliment) and an MA in Christian Archaeology from the Pontifical Institute for Christian Archaeology, the most important Vatican authority in this field.

Now I work as a licensed tour guide here in Rome and when I’m not doing tours you can find me at my family farm in Podere Sant’Eligio, relaxing in this natural paradise. But even here I love to keep busy, producing organic olive oil, strolling downtown to take pictures, making videos to share with you and, above all, going shopping!

To say I’m a fashion addict would be an understatement. In fact, such is my commitment to the cause that I went and got myself certified as a Personal Shopper.

So if you need any suggestions for your shopping in Rome, here I am! Especially if you love shoes (<3)

When I started working as a tour guide, I used to suggest my guests the best spots to go shopping or places to eat. You know, a few insider tips to make the most out of any Roman holiday! But when word started to spread, I decided to go bigger, sharing my recommendations about Rome shopping, food, events and exhibits with a wider audience, and starting my personal blog and Facebook page.

This project is still in its infancy, and I’ll admit that most days Mama Bear still feels like a cub. But these are still exciting times and there’s so, so much ahead! Nino Baby Bear will be helping me in my mission: doing our best to make Rome feel like it’s your home away from home. 

So watch this space Baby Bears: there’s always something new to discover!.

Stay tuned, and keep sharing the beauty!


Nina Mama Bear & Nino Baby Bear